I briefly want to explore the basic method of calculating your GPA / CGPA as a Nigerian University Student using the University of Abuja as a focus. I will also be focusing on the Old Grading System by NUC which initially was discarded but restored by NUC 2020.

There are basically two things you should keep your eye on as a University Student aspiring to graduate with good grades. These are;

1: Your Course Units
2: Grade Points Secured Per Course

Now, let’s get started.
For every Course you register as a Student, there is an associated Unit. Check Picture 1.1 for example:

Picture 1.1 Displaying List of Courses & Corresponding Units

The next thing you need to know is the Points associated with every Grade you score in each of your assessed Courses. Check Picture 1.2 for example:

This means that anytime you score an ‘A’ in your assessed Course, you scored maximum of 5points. This applies to grade B, C, D, E, F which have 4, 3, 2, 1, and Zero respectively.

Now, let’s go into the simple calculation;

All needed to calculate your GPA is to calculate the Total of all My Points and divide the Points by the corresponding total of Course Units. That is, 52/16; This gives your GPA for the first semester as 3.25. You simply do this for the second semester to derive your CGPA for each Session.

The final step is to know what Class of Degree you are on the basis of your calculated GPA or CGPA.

See the Result Sheet Below and Calculate the CGPA of the Student in question. Drop your Answer in the Comment Section Below

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